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Civil Disturbance

In case of a riot or public disturbance, follow these steps:

  • Notify Peachtree Center Security at (404) 654-1285 (24 hours/day, 7 days/week). During normal business hours, follow up with a call to property management at (404) 524-3787 giving the same information that was given to security. If one or more of the participants enters your suite, keep calm, be courteous and do not provoke an incident. If you elect, call Atlanta Police (911) to have the individual removed. Follow up with a call to Central Security at (404) 654-1285 and property management at (404) 524-3787 with the information give to the police.
  • Do not become a spectator. Leave or avoid the area of the disturbance to prevent injury or possible arrest. Consider locking your doors.
  • If a riot erupts, security will work with property management to furnish necessary information detailing the knowledge of the areas at risk, street closings, public transportation reports, etc.
  • In the event an evacuation becomes necessary, security, property management, Police and Fire personnel will coordinate the evacuation process in a safe and orderly manner.
  • If you are away from your office when a riot or other public disturbance takes place, i.e. in the Peachtree Center Courtyard, Mall parking garage, or on a surface street around Peachtree Center, try to return to your office or one of the buildings on property immediately near you. The Security Lobby Officer will assist in directing you to a safe area.
  • During a riot or public disturbance Peachtree Center's property management may find it necessary to limit certain services that restrict access to the buildings to protect the tenant and the property.
  • Security personnel and necessary building maintenance staff will immediately secure the buildings for the duration of the emergency.