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Severe Weather

A "Weather Alert" radio is monitored by security. Our local weather service will advise of severe weather conditions by automatically activating this radio. You may also tune in to a local radio station for weather information or subscribe to "severe weather text alerts," offered by numerous cell phone carriers.


  • Unlike hurricanes, tornadoes are not as predictable and little or no warning is given. Tornado Weather is typically identifiable as hot "sticky" days with southerly winds and a threatening sky that includes dark thunderstorm clouds, often greenish black in color. Danger signs include severe thunderstorms, hail, roaring noise, winds, and funnel shaped clouds.
  • In case of a tornado warning, the building should not be evacuated. Move away from windows and gather in the "core" of the building. Remain on your floor away from the outer walls and glass windows.
  • A Tornado "Watch" means that conditions are right and tornadoes are expected to develop. Keep tuned to your local radio station for further information when a bad storm threatens.
  • A Tornado "Warning" means that a tornado has actually been sighted or detected by radar. Take cover at once. If you see or hear a tornado coming, do not wait for Tornado Warning Signal. Take cover immediately.
  • Whenever a tornado watch or warning is given, do not call the weather service except to report a tornado. Individual requests for information could tie up the telephone lines that are urgently needed to receive special reports or to relay special information to the public safety agencies and local broadcasting agencies.