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Unauthorized Visitors

No Solicitation Policy

Peachtree Center has a no solicitation rule, which prohibits door-to-door sales, and all other types of solicitation. If your office encounters these types of visitors, please contact your Assistant Property Manager/Property Manager and be prepared to give a detailed description of the individual.

If your office encounters an unwanted visitor, you should ask the visitor to leave your suite. If the visitor fails to comply, call Security at (404) 654-1285 and an officer will be dispatched to your location to speak with the visitor and, if necessary, call the City of Atlanta Police.

While it is always best to give as much information as possible to Security or the Assistant Property Manager/Property Manager, there may be a time when you cannot speak freely if the unwanted visitor is in the same room as you. In cases such as these, you are to call Security and give your company name followed by the building name and suite number and use the following duress code "your package is ready". If you are not able to place the call yourself, you should alert someone else in your office to place the call. Proper training with your internal staff is very important in regards to the way you choose to set up your in-house policy. With proper training your staff will know what to look for, what to do and who to call when they see or hear the applicable hand motion or certain word in which your company has put into place for this situation.

When security dispatch receives a call with the information requested along with hearing "your package is ready", they will automatically know that you have a problem in your suite and cannot speak freely. Upon receipt of such a call, security immediately dispatches an officer on property to go at once to the location from which the call was received.