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Mail Service

Mailrooms located throughout Peachtree Center provide mail pick-up via Post Office boxes, drop boxes via Federal Express, UPS and other express mail services, and company mailboxes. Post Office boxes are serviced and controlled by the US Post Master. Contact your Assistant Property Manager for information regarding questions/directions for Post Office Box needs. Mail pick-ups are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM for regular mail. Overnight courier mail is collected as noted on their respective drop boxes.

Mailrooms and post office boxes are located at the following locations in Peachtree Center:

  • Tower 235 (on the back corridor from Tower 233)
  • Marquis I Tower (HL Level)
  • Marquis II Tower (BL Level)

Mail drop chutes are located and controlled by US Post Master on each floor in the main elevator lobby for Tower 235, Tower 225, Tower 229 and Tower 233.

Other locations for mail drop chutes are:

  • Tower 235 Main lobby (1st floor)
  • The Hub Gallery Level (Tower 225 Elevator Lobby)
  • Tower 233 Main Lobby (1st floor)
  • Tower 229 Main Lobby (1st floor)

The nearest full-service U.S. Post Office is the Peachtree Center Station located at: 249 Peachtree Street N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30303, below the Merchandise Mart located off Peachtree Street. Hours are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Nearest drop boxes:

Federal Express

  • Hyatt Regency Atlanta
  • Tower 235 Mailroom (off Courtyard)
  • Marquis II Mail Room


  • Marquis I Mail Room
  • Marquis II Mail Room
  • Tower 235 Mailroom (off Courtyard)